2023 Explosive Skating and Skills Camps

WEEK 1: August 8 to 11 (4 Day Camp)



Led by Jon Woodyard

Aug 8 to 11 10:15-12:05pm (Tuesday to Friday)

Ages 13 to 17

This camp will be led by Jon Woodyard and will focus on using advanced edging techniques that are guaranteed to push even the most advanced skater. This combined with Jon's NHL studied advanced puck handling techniques are sure to challenge all participants.

Cost $469 + GST



Deceptive Skating + Creating Time and Space Camp

Led by Lubomir Macoun

Aug 8 to 11 12:15-2:35pm (Tuesday to Friday)

Ages 11 to 14

This camp will be led by Lubomir Macoun and will focus on using modern moves to create time and space in hockey. Focusing on using outside edge punch turns, inside edge punch turns, and deception skills. 

Cost $499 + GST



WEEK 4: Aug 28 to 31 (4 Day Camp)


Explosive Skating + Puck Skills and Game Play

Aug 28 to 31

On Ice 4:45-6:35pm

Led by Reid Robertson

Ages 8-11 (2013/2014/2015)

This camp will focus heavily on edge work to help players become the most explosive skater possible. Using modern skating techniques and old school hard work every player will be sure to improve upon their skating and conditioning. Each day will include skating with pucks to ensure players are comfortable performing the skills with and without a puck. Each day will finish with a scrimmage game.

Cost $489 + GST