Winter Clinics

Offensive and Defensive Tactics Clinic

Sundays, 10am to 11am, Sept 27th to Nov 15th (8 Sessions) @ Burnaby 8 Rinks
Each session will focus on offensive and defensive specific skating, shooting, checking, puck handling and most importantly positioning and awareness. One of the most important take aways will be increasing each player's hockey sense.

Hockey sense is the most elusive skill to learn and teach. The better you understand the game the more effective you will be. You always have multiple options on the ice and having strong hockey sense allows for good decision making in every situation. This guarantees to make every player more effective in games. Hockey sense allows you to influence plays with or without the puck through your positioning, actions, and knowing when to apply the right amount of pressure to control your opponent's next move.


  • Offensive and Defensive Clinic Sept 27th to Nov 15th @ Burnaby 8 Rinks

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