Follow-on Statement Regarding New Western Bruins

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Bob Stecher, the New Western Bruins Director of Hockey, has reached out to James Wall, the Director of the BC Spartans, and has agreed to work together to resolve issues related to sportsmanship and fair play. Bob will be speaking with his parent group and will make some changes behind the bench in certain age divisions. The Bruins have stated they have like values and have promised to ensure fair play, sportsmanship and fun in all games moving forward. Bob and James have agreed that teams from the two organizations will play each other in future games and tournaments, with the exception of the top teams in the 2005 age division.
The BC Spartans are appreciative of Bob’s outreach and efforts to work in the best interests of the players. We are also grateful for the letters and messages of support we’ve received from many parents and organizations in recent days and will continue to promote the values of fair play and sportsmanship in youth hockey.